New graphics card?

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I am looking to upgrade from my gtx 260 core 216 that I sold for $150.  I have around $50 to maybe $100 to spend in addition to that $150. And I would prefer $50.

My specs

Q6600(water cooled @ 3.61ghz) 

Asus rampage extreme x48

4gb of drr 3 

I am not playing crysis, mainly just battlefield bad company 2 and STALKER, at 1600 x 1050. I am stuck between a lot of options, all of which coming from the ati camp. 

Mainly the 4870,4890, 5770, 5830 

So i am not sure where to drop my dollars at, could someone point me in a good direction? Thanks in advance


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5770 for sure!

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Hmm for the games you play you had no need to sell the card..the  4870 and 5770 would actually be DOWNGRADES from a 260 216-I would therefore recommend a 5850 which should soon be available for ~250 since it not only has dx11 but would be a true upgrade.

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The refreshes of the ATI cards will coming soon. AMD, says it will keep its pricing the same for now. But, I'm not sure about that.

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