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I'm currently running this new system...

i7 3930k/evga gtx 670 2gb FTW/vengeance 16gb/rampage 4 formula/silverstone strider 850w gold evolution/win7 pro 64b

...and I'm looking to upgrade from my old trusty entry level Viewsonic 19 inch to one of the new BenQ XL monitors, but i have two questions.

1. I'm tossing up between the XL2420T and the 2720T (24 or 27 inch). I play mostly FPS/Adventure games. Games like Starcraft/Total War/SimCity etc are not really my cup of tea. I'm heard conflicting stories of what's better for games like Battlefield etc. Some people say the 27 inch screen puts part of the action in you peripherals if you're siting up close and 24 inch is more ideal to get the most out of games like this. Any thoughts on this?

2. Is it possible to set it up so say, if I was playing something like Skyrim, that I could have a dual screen setup with fullscreen in the main monitor and a walkthough/youtube/something going on the 19 inch, or would I be better off just selling/giving away the old one. If it is possible, would my graphics suffer considering the 670 will be trying to push out 120Hz.


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Going backwards, most games don't do multi-display with independent views, so two displays would stretch the game view across them, but you can easily limit them to one monitor through the controls. Running multiple apps (like a game on one and a browser on the other) does work pretty well if you have the CPU and GPU power to spare, and your rig looks quite solid. A friend of mine has three displays (1 42" 1080P TV and two 25" LCDs), and runs Netflix on the TV, a browser on one monitor, and games on the third, and this runs brilliantly.

As far as display size, I run games on a 25", and do sometimes find myself too close to where peripheral vision can affect gameplay. So I pause and scoot back. I'm an advocate of large displays, but I need it because I do video editing (lots of info when working with large layers of tracks) and photo editing. If you can afford it, there is nothing wrong with 27" of display, as long as you control your head-to-screen position.

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I have a 24" monitor, and I think it's just the right size for me. It's located about an arm and half length away from me. My first few times gaming with my monitor, I had to push it back because it felt too close and affected my gameplay. I play mostly FPS games. Good luck on your decision!