New Desktop Computer!

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Im in the business of looking to purchase a new desktop computer for gaming. I will be playing Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, and maybe Battlefield 3. I want the PC to be near top of the line, being able to run these games at a solid 30fps or more, on medium to ultra graphic settings. Besides that, I also do intense 3d Modeling that really requires a top notch machine considering I move around near 30k polygons on a good work day (or bad work day, considering the computers performance :))

Ive narrowed it down to a few choices, but that certainly dosent mean I wont stray away from them.

This is the MAIN option im really looking for input on.

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Pretty impressive list of systems you're considering. Have you checked out the or the cyberpowerpc websites?

What's great about the cyberpowerpc website is that it lists the tested FPS scores of select systems. Kinda helps you get an idea of what you're expecting.

I'm not sure if Amazon will give you the best bang for your buck systems. Both Cyberpower and iBuypower run daily specials including free upgrades and stuff. If your system has a decent CPU and you want to play the latest games and do video editing work, then it might be worth investing in a better graphics card or two cards rather than other components. SSD over HDD might help as well. Good luck Amy!