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I am in the market for new digital camera. My budget is around 300$ (max 400$).

Now i'v read quite a bit on this, but i am still not sure whether go for Point and Shoot compact camera, or a a bit advanced performance camera.

My main requirement is great quality HD video recording, since i'll be doing lots of that. Then of course, it should have optical zoom and should be easy to use. (i am not advanced user, never had other camera, than cheap p&s)

Where i plan to use this camera?

1) shooting videos, short clips.. Mostly indoors, but occassionally outdoors as well. (Tech stuff, animals...)

2) images of various things, i'd preffer something that is universal, rather than focused on one area


I have so far considered: Nikon Coolpix L110,  Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 or something from Canon PowerShot series.


Any advice is welcome.

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well honestly this is probably the forum for your post..

3dgameman is primarily computer-ish stuff.


I would advise looking at the cannon powershot range of products. They have always served me right and are durable.

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