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First of all, I would like to know Intel or AMD for the CPU , same thing for the GPU Nvidia or ATI ?

My budget is around $600 USD (a Monitor is not required).

Please give me your suggestions and explain why you think it's good

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here is a good deal u can look at it you do need a video card look around for a good video card deal :P idk if it has a OS if u have a old os from that computer u might be able to use it

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meh tuff budget.
1. Get a $80 MSI motherboard with Advanced Clock Calibration.
2. Get an AMD Phenom II 550 BE for $100.
3. Unlock the CPU into an AMD 955 in BIOS.
4. Get cheapish $60 case-HAF 922.
5. If you can wait GTS 450 should be really good for price point coming soon.
6.$85-4gb ddr3 1600 from any name brand.
7. OCZ 600W ModXStream PSU.
8. WD 640gb Caviliar black
9. any dvd burner
Should be well within budget

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