Need some reservoir advice

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ok so i have an up and running water cooling system (pictures/vids coming) and my primochill reservoir is already leaking. I thought it might as I was very unimpressed with the quality of it.

So I need yall's advice, a no BS going to be perfect the first time resevoir. I also don't want to spend $150 on something that looks fancy, it just needs to perform.........dryly. Really, my red coolant looks orange from all the water bubbles. I am thinking the non-bay res will be easier to bleed of air but if you know of something that is top notch I'll take that over anything that is more convenient.

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Check out some of the swiftec or others dual 120mm radiators. Also Danger den has some good ones. I would get a refund on the one you have if it leaks.

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