Need help setting up an new computer.

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Hey. i'm new to the forum and i would like to have some help.

I'm planning to get a new system. Ment for gaming. gaming gaming and gaming. I also do now and then some video editting & graphics.
The plan is to build a "highend performance computer" that will last for 3 - 4 years.

Some information:
I'd like to build a INTEL/ATI setup.. Or if the nVidia's get released on 26th of march i'd consider buying an nVidia. (If there performance is better then the ATI's.)

I'm planning to go Crossfire in the future. As the ATI HD5970 is 2x HD5870 GPu's on a card but with lower clocks. And i'm not the kind of person to overclock an computer.

I need the following:

I'll get crossfire setup later. So 1GPU is good for now.
As for the case i'd like to have an case with an great airflow and Dustfilters. Also it has to be a good setup for cablemanagement. And i preffer a sidewindow without fans! As they take alot of airflow away :).
I'm planning to stay on aircooling. As i known lots of people having serious pain in their *ss due liquid cooling..

The budget i'd like to spend is 1300€ Maximum 1400€.

I'm sorry if my request isn't beeing spelled good. I'm from belgium :)

So show me the ideas u guys have!

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get a 5870 and you can maybe add another one

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Wow tall order-For sake of Time I can tell you what would be a good rig for under that $ but If you have any questions on a particular item just post em-
1.Cpu-For seriouse longevity the i7 920/930 is for you. It owns at EVERYTHING pretty much and is the future of desktops. Choose whichever is cheaper-the 930 is a bit better but sometimes can be a bit more $ too.
2. Despite ure commend about LC-You should buy a Corsair H50-This is not your typical WC-You do not have to do ANYTHING for three years. It is toatally insulated+the fluid is non-conducting anyway. IT outperforms all air coolers for around $80-Otherwise pherhaps a TRUE or XIG Dark Knight.
3.Any EVGA or GB MB would be good. I'd look at the new ASUS MB with USB 3.0+SATA 6gps-Asus always has quality
4. Any PSU 700W+ from antec,corsair,ocz-look for cheapest.
5. For GPu I would wait to c what Nvidia is bringing to the table-if nothing else to lower 5000's prices. Otherwise 5870 should do you right.
6. FOr Storage I would get a 64gb SSD for OS+a few games then a WD Cavalier Black 640gb for rest of stuff. SSD's are lightning fast+quiet so definetly worth $ if you got enough $.
7. HAF 922/932-Antec 902/1200 CM Storm Sniper- All good cases-Personally I like+use the 922 but you can decide which you like most.
8. Try to find OCZ 6gb tri-channel 1600mhz for a good price. Corsair ram is a bit better but WAYY more $ for almost no added performance. The OCZ ram has a lifetime warranty anyway so W.E
I Don't know European prices but I think they should be close to your limit.

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Planning to get as my mobo: EVGA SLI LE X58 it supports crossfire & it supports ddr3 up to 1600Mhz.
As for Memory the GEIL black dragon seems to have good replies on it..