My New Pc Build! I need your help/opinions!!!

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Hey everyone,

For a lonnng time I've been visiting this forum, but I've never actually posted ON it, so I think the time has come. I'm well aware this community has a lot of very knowledgeable ppl in it, including the legendary Rodney himself. i would like your help with my new planned i7 build.

Here's what I'm planning on buying thus far.

Intel Core i7 950
Stock Cooler (for now)
Asus Rampage III Formula
HIS Radeon 6870 1GB x 2 (i already own one)
Corsair XMS3 Classic 12GB (or 6gb, not sure yet)
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
WD Caviar Black 1TB
Corsair Pro Series Gold CMPSU-1200AX

there's a couple things i having a hard time deciding on for this build.

1. Whats the best mid-high end 1366 mobo out there? The formula has mostly good reviews, though not perfect. Any suggestions?

2. I primarily game, so would it be better to buy 6gb of high speed memory, or 12gb of slightly lower speed memory?

3. Best SSD? I currently have a vertex 1 and have had a great experience with it.

4. This is a whole other beast, but pretty much I want to do a sweet custom water cooling setup on this eventually, so I'm having trouble finding a perfect case. any suggestions?

Any input is greatly appreciated!
Thanks Guys!

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1. There are a lot but one that stands out is the ASUS P6X58D-E Premium.

2. 6GB will be adequate for gaming, 12GB will be overkill.

3. There are PCIe SSDs on the market but they are extremely expensive and come in low capacities. If you have the SSD now, just add another for RAID0.

4. Corsair 800D - this case was practically designed for custom watercooling.