my mild gameing build

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i am currently upgrading my PC to a mild gaming rig.

the current

case: dell insperon 530 hacked up, choped up and painted black  

CPU: Intel core 2 quad  Q6600  @ 2.400 MHz<

MB: Foxconn DG33M03

 video card:  ATI Radeon HD 2400 PR

psu: generic 350w piece of crap

ram: 4gb ddr2

cpu cooler: stock

hard drive 1x 500gb. 1x 1tb

and what i want to upgade to (in order)

case: Antec Three Hundred Case

psu: Silverstone Element ST75EF 750W

Noctua NF-R8 80mm Fan for the cpu cooler.

GPU: ATI Radeon HD5850

1x 2tb hard dive (total of 3.5tb)

new MB, cpu, and may be new ram aswell. still undersided on what i want and will worry about  this later on.

2nd GPU  ATI Radeon HD5850 crossfire



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5850 crossfire is a waste of money. One can do every game at even 30 inch resolutions.

3.5 tb? What for?

Axe the noctua and extra hdd and GPU and buy an SSD. That will give you most noticeable performance upgrade.

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