is my computer temp running too hot?

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recently i just bulid my first budget pc and its running too hot about 5minutes.

temp for cpu 44 deg c

gpu 63 deg c

harddisk 40 deg c


specification cpu: E7500 cpu

                       gpu: Nvivdia geforce 9400GT 1GB RAM

motherboard: Gigabyte Technology model: G31M-S2L

how to i fix this?shall i buy a liquid cooler ?

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That is pretty normal-nothing wrong

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30~60C are normal temps for most parts. Video cards tend to run a little hotter.

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I normally try to keep my GPU at about 50 but 60 something is not bad, its when you get closer to 70 to 90, you have to worry, 90 meaning your GPU can cook you an egg or two, because that would pretty much be the only use for it at that time heh.

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Overclocked to 3.33 ghz with an i7 920, cooler master V8 on max and keeping a average of 44c.

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Those temps are OK, but the question is whether they are load temps or idle temps.


They do seem a little high if they are load temps though, but again, nothing to worry about.

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well my harddrives usually run at 30 and 32C when defragging but i have them in a 5.25" cage adapter with intake air going overtop of them so i would say all is normal