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By looking at two products i got the idea that there should be a case that is a car theme. In this topic i'll explain the layout and design of the case and you guys can tell me if it's a perfect idea.
1. The case should be designed to look like this (
2. The dimensions of the case should be (LxWxH) 20"x13"x10"
3. The wheels of the car are the fans. The 2 on the left are intakes which have dust filters and the 2 on the right are exhausts and all 4 are 3-pin 200mm LED changeable
4. The trunk of the car can hold either 4 3.5" or, with the included adapters, up to 8 2.5" drives and that's where you can also install the power supply. On top of the trunk is a 3-pin 200mm black non-LED fan with a dust filter (and to open the trunk you use a key)
5. The back windshield of the car should be smoked grey acrylic and the front windshield should include 3 5.25" bays 2 of them are right on top of each other for the Aerocool V12XT and the other one out in front of those two for an ODD.
6. The windows of the case are smoked grey acrylic.
7. The top of the car can be removed by using the key to install or remove parts.
8. The left doors of the case can also be opened (notice how i didn't say remove) by the same key. (the right side can't since it's occupied by the I/O panel and PCI slots.)
9. To power the system you stick the key in a door (any door) for 10 seconds.
10. The doors of the case is completely mesh for the video cards to intake cool air.
11. The hood of the case should be clear acrylic with a 3-pin transparent 200mm non-LED fan to show off your CPU cooler which can be the V10 since the case can support the V10. (plus your case will look like it has an engine)
12. 12" video cards are supported since the Width of the case is 13" and since there's no hard drive cages to interfere with the video card 13" is truly 13"
13. The motherboard tray may not be removable, but it does support Micro ATX, ATX, and EATX boards with 8 PCI slots
14. The I/O panel of the case includes 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 eSATA ports, 1 Firewire port, audio ports, reset button, and LED switch to turn the fans on the wheels blue, red, green, purple, blue, or off. There's also a cover to cover the I/O to preserve the look when the I/O is not being used.

If there's a flaw PLEASE tell me and also think if this is a good idea.
P.S. I choose the V10 because it would look like an engine through the transparent hood and choose the specific fan controller because when it's on it looks like a speedometer which would look so cool for a car case

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i also forgot to mention that the part that separates the trunk to the rest of the parts is completely mesh so the fan on the trunk cools the video cards


also an all black interior