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I'm big into maximum graphic gaming, meaning I like to spend my money upgrading my computer to make playing games on the ultiment settings possible. But the display coming from the graphics card is only as good as the monitor that is being viewed. Right now I have a brilliant Samsung 27" LED monitor, and it's great for 1080p gaming, blu ray movies, and every day use. Most of my computer components are at there maximum for the current generation, so it's making me seem like maybe I could go for a monitor upgrade. I was looking at those fancy 30" 2560x1600 monitors out, and they look very good. The size, color, and resolution would be great for what I do. But I would be losing the LED brightness i suppose.

1. Does anyone have or know a good 30" 1600p monitor that would be good for high-def games and movies?

2. Which is best for games: LCD, LED, or Plasma TV's (All TV's). If I was going to buy a TV for all purpose use, which would be the best color, the deepest blacks, and the best veiwing pleasure.

Thank you, Sil.

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1. When it comes to displays, Samsung and Dell make some of the best, especially high res 2560x1600 displays.

2. LED-backlit LCDs would be the best option, note there are actually very few true LED displays. The most important aspect to consider when purchasing a TV for use as a computer monitor is pixel pitch.