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Hello to all this is my first post on 3dG just joined last night. My question is I am thinking of buying 2 more 3d Asus monitors to match my current one for 3d Surrond Sound Gaming or should I just get a 30 inch Monitor. But its really more to it then just that I'm so confused on the resolutions because I know 30" (2560 x 1600 ) but if you go with three 24" monitors you get (5760 x 1080 ). So my question is which resolution would be better? 5760 > 2560? and I know the number is higher in resolution but thats not just on 1 monitor so how could it be better because realistically that 24" monitor only does 1920.

So my goal is to get the most crispy image on screen which would that be 2560 x 1600p or 5760 x 1080P?
Just to let everyone know I'm not a newb but I have never owned a 30" and never seen 1600p resolutions to make my own evaluation so if anyone who has had the 3 monitor setup and also has a 30" monitor please help me out and I do understand that 3 monitors give you more FOV but I am looking for a crispy, more detailed and sharp image so which would be able to give me that?

Thanks for any replies in advance.

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Why not 3240x1920? Just kidding.

If your system can handle 3 3D 24" 1920x1080 monitors and in 3D with a playable framerate, go with that.
3 24" monitors is better than a single 30" monitor.

A crispy, more detailed and sharp image? Go for a IPS or a PVA panell monitor.

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Welcome to the forum bud.

Remember, when it comes to gaming, the higher the resolution, the faster your video card(s) will need to be. Multiple display are excellent, but can be hard on the eyes after a while. I believe for most a single 30" display would best for most, unless of course you have the extra money and really need it for gaming and work.

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The issue here is what you want your pixel density to be. A 30" screen is quite tall, so that 1600 vertical resolution is great. Stepping back to the 24", you are shrinking the verticality of the display, but lose almost 33% of your vertical screen res while increasing (over the 3) the horizontal res.

It's a matter of what you want out of it.

If you are looking at games primarily, HD (1080p) is sufficient and drivable on multiple screens by a good GPU. If you are looking at business apps (in my case, video production) higher resolution may be demanded, but increasing resolution increases GPU power requirements, too. So, for instance, 3 super-high res monitors may turn into a huge cost to make a multi-purpose system.

No easy answer.

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Thanks to everyone for there comments,I have made my decision and I probably should have posted my spec but I kind of figured if someone asked the question they would have have known better then to try to run a 30" on a budget set up lol but I'll give a quick spec info
i7 2600 non(k)
580 gtx 1.5 (SLI)
16 gigs DDR3 1600mhz @ 1333
Cards are water cooled but I don't over clock bc 5-10fps wasn't worth it to me .
But the rest of the specs are up to power as well Ssd' s etc..