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Hello Guys.

Lastly I thought of a "somehow cheap" upgrade to my system.(local stores have "stock" discounts)

Mine now sucks and what I aim to ,is change the Mobo.

Along with that idea i thought i could change the cpu too.

There are two questions I want to ask : 


I firstly thought of a Flaming Blade GTI - 78E - wow nice price and stuff

Then I thought i might need a quite better mobo with an esata,plus some features,but socket 1156 now - DFI DK P55-T3eH9. 

Which one should I chose??

The other question is : I often find ppl on ebay selling 920 for 56$ which is awesome + they have 100% positive feedback and 5 stars,should I buy one?(if i do i will go with a 1366 mobo ofc,if not - if i go with a 1156 socket - then i will have to buy a cheaper cpu since no prices as suchs can be found)

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920 on ebay for $56. Unlikely-read the description-it is most likely a damaged or open box product. Try to find a quality 920 or a 930.

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get an original 930 (X58\1366)

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