Looking for a new "NetVertible" PC

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With changes at work, I am taking on more and more of the inventory and cost analysis tasks (given I'm the only person there with any computational skills) and my Android just isn't robust enough for me to do what I need... comfortably.

So, what I want is a multitouch-tablet portable, no bigger than 12" range, dual-core ULV, 4Gb memory, 320Gb or more, with bluetooth and Wireless-N. AMD or Intel, makes no difference to me. I am all about a balance between build quality and price.

I've been looking at the HP TM2t series, but we are looking at the $1000 mark. I can do better price wise ($500 range) with Asus or Lenovo Atom-based machines, but performance is lacking.

Something new out there that I've missed in the $750 area, or something newly announced?

Insight is appreciated.

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