Looking for a Netbook

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Hey guys,

I would like to buy myself a netbook. I would like to be able to do general browsing at Starbucks, etc, run PartyPoker and run BackTrack from a bootable USB stick.

I don't want to spend more than $400 (CAD) including shipping/tax.

I've been looking around and found a good deal on the LG X120-N at TigerDirect. What I perticulary like about this netbook is the above-normal resolution of 1366 x 768 and the 6-cell battery. The keyboard, however, does not look as comfortable as others do. Also it does not have a microphone jack, which is quite a downside for using Skype while traveling.

Is this netbook a good choice or should I look into the EeePC or the HP Mini? I am not intending to actually work much on this netbook, as I have a proper 17" laptop, but is too bulky to carry around on some occasions.

Any suggestions and experiences are very welcome!

Many thanks in advance!!

(PS: I'm sorry for not replying to other threads you have answered. The forum doesn't allow me to. When I reply I get redirected to a blank site saying 'service unavailable')

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