Looking for fast / reliable/ durable USB 3.0 Flash drive.

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Im looking on ebay for a nice *FAST* 32GB USB 3.0 thats reliable and super durable. Im looking for one that if i get caught in the rain its w.e. also if i forget to take it out of my pocket I dont have to have a panic attack if it takes a trip through the washer.

So far im really liking this drive.

I really like that one because it screws on tight, made of a metal grade. and it just seems Like I could beat it to hell and it would ask for more lol.

Do you guys think its worth the money? Are there better ones out there that are just as secure or faster that im not aware of?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I need this for work. I go back and forth installing things for clients and doing small back ups or what not.

Thanks in advance!

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That one seems like a great bet, can't go wrong with Corsair.

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Crucial is another excellent brand.

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