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Hi I have a Konig Universal Notebook Power Adaptor 125W (
I have to set the correct output voltage which ranges from 15V to 22V.
On my laptop regular adaptor it says 19V (3.42A).
In the Konig adaptor manual it says on 19V the maximum is 6A (or 5A I don't remember).
So that means if I set the Konig on 19V, it is safe to connect it to the car and use the laptop?

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I'm always concerned with "multi-voltage" products, in that it is always possible for the device to put out too much voltage and burn your charging circuit.

By rights, yes, it is usable and will work. But I don't think it is safe. I recommend "pocket inverters" that generate low wattage (typically 100w to 150w) 110v/115v on a device that is small enough it stays dash mounted. Then just use the OFFICIAL power adapter.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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agreed with eire1274, Don't forget about your warranty (if you have a recent laptop) cause that kind of adaptor is more risky than a specialy designed one and personnally wouldn't use any multi-voltage adaptor since i overvolt my synthesizer accidentally when i forgot to check the voltage switch on the adaptor and it was set to the max...

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