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So I'm just choosing components for my first self-built gaming pc. I was just wondering if these parts fit together.

Mobo: asus p8z77-V
Cpu: intel i5 3570k (is it good enough for the 670?)
Graphics card: asus 660 ti (might take the 670)
PSU: cooler master gx 750 watt
Memory: corsair vengeance 8gb
Case: cooler master haf xm
Hard drive: western digital 1 tb something
Cpu cooler: cooler master hyper 212 evo
Optical drive: I don't think you even need to know that

Sorry for the lack of links but I'm doing this on a phone so...
Also I'd like to ask, if my mobo only has 4-pin fan connectors can I plug in 3-pin fans that my case has?

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yes it will work, go with the 670 only if you can

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That's a perfect build for the price/performance ratio !!! I'd just build mine with almost the same part as you (except the i7 as i render video often) Just take ram that is certified for your mobo (complete list of tested on the manufacturer site)

Take the 660ti if you game on 1080p or less, if you go multiple monitor, higher resolution and/or 3d take the 670. 3 pin fan in 4 pin headers is generally ok (never see any mobo that won't power the 3 pin)

I can also suggest an SSD as it REALLY worth the price to make your rig feel faster than anything else...

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I like the balance. spawnkiller here is right, if you're going 1080p, take the 660ti and use the spare bucks for an SSD.