is it worth upgrading to socket LGA 2011?

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is it worth upgrading to socket LGA 2011 for gaming use?

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Whether it's worth the money or not depends on what you are currently using. It's Intel's flagship socket so it's definitely going to be pricey.

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No. It's not. Unless you're sitting on more money than you could ever fathom spending and don't feel like going on any exotic vacations ;)

It's just enthusiast grade stuff where Intel flexes their muscles and goes "Look what we can do!" however, it's way overkill for anything you'd ever actually do unless I suppose you're into graphic design/3d modeling, etc etc....but for gaming, no :P

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I don't think so. Ivy Bridge will be coming out in April/May/June (I think it's been pushed back) and it uses the LGA1155 socket. If you are truly an enthusiast and money is no object, then it doesn't matter. You would get the fastest thing currently on the market. I agree with Alien86; it's overkill for the average consumer. If you're a professional gamer, then you would be better off spending on multiple GPUs. Good luck! I'm waiting for Ivy bridge :)

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It really depends on what you have now. If what you have is super slow, yes.

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