Is it worth it to upgrade

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Ok so my computer is old.
I have a EVGA 780i sli
Q6600 2.8 ~3.2
OCZ Fatal1ty 4GB (2x2GB) 1066 PC2-8500
EVGA 560Ti 903/2052
1 x OCZ vertex 64GB
2 x 250Gb in RAID 0 for 500gb
External 1TB seagate

So im not experiencing no slow downs at all when gaming. Still got a solid 60 for some games. even though CPU is 7 years old. I want to upgrade, or should I wait till the next best thing for CPU/motherboard comes out.

I have a feeling that will be soon as i7 has been out for a long time.

But mind you im not in a rush as my PC seems to be the same as the day I bought it. And the tiger direct computer i LOOKED AT IN TORONTO. With the fancy i7.

What should I do?
wait and drop $1500 after fix my show car? or do it now

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I have a q6600 @ 4.05ghz and i'll wait cause the next Intel generation is a tick so new architecture and better generation...

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I also have a Q6600 at 3.2GHz. The difference from our quads to say an i5 or low-end i7 not much. The only thing I've noticed is when people have SSD's and powerful video cards. I think you can get away with waiting another year.

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Yeah an Q6600 @ 3.6ghz is still the equivalent of a i5 @ 3.2ghz... I5 is faster but not by much so unless you have 1000 to throw to an I7 config, i don't think you'll see the difference however if you're overclocking, the new i5 reach 4.5 pretty easily and at that frequency they're much more faster than any Q6600

PS: Q6600 @ 4.05ghz for me is enough for all day usage, new games that we have now like BF3 runs fine and that's why i'll not change for now...