Intel X25-M one or two?

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I'm trying to decided, which choice would be best, a single Intel X25-M 160GB or duel Intel X25-M 80GB mainly my question is, is the performance boost of running two in RAID 0 and lose the TRIM support in Win 7, or just use the single drive take the cut on the write speed but have the TRIM support in Win 7

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If ur upgrading from a standard 7200rpm HDD, id go for a single 160gb hdd with trim.

-If you're gonna be using the pc for gaming and watching movies then you're probably not going to need the massive IO offered by 2 raid 0 ssd's, if you're doing video editing, 3d rendering, or some operation that needs high IO, then i'd go for raid0. otherwise i think its wiser to stay away from raid0 for everyday use.





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I'd second the above comment

One SSD should be plenty fast enough for most uses plus it is far more stable than 2 in RAID.

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Just the one 160, TRIP is very important. 

Although there will be new SSD with TRIP support on RAID, problem is don't know if it'll be avaliable on the current X25 series.