Intel Virtual technology plz help

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Ok so i bought an i5 750 processor and i am trying to enable intel vt, the reason i want to enable it is because my motherboard only supports crossfire and i wanted to be able to run another gtx 460 in sli my motherboard Btw is the msi h57m-ed65, i ran their app and it said that technology was not on this chip, but on their page for this processor ( ) it states that it is a supported technology for the i5 750 so i am puzzled is this problem specific to my chip? is there anyway i can enable intel vt?

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Disabled vitalization if you're overclocking and don't have programs that use it. From my experience enabling it won't allow for such a high overclock.

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Your CPU supports VT, but the motherboard might not. VT is a chipset/motherboard technology, but it’s not always clear if the motherboard can really support the feature. What puzzles me is what VT does in regards to running another video card if your board only supports crossfire?

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