Intel® Core™ i7 (i7-950)

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I have heard that Intel recomend that some of thier processors only use memory with speeds up to 1066 MHz among them the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series, my question is what is the recomended memory speed for Intel® Core™ i7 (i7-950), or the Intel® Core™ i7 in general?

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Intel Core i7 enables three channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory, resulting in up to 25.6 GB/sec memory bandwidth. Intel only guarantees RAM to work at the max frequency which is DDR3 1066. Depends on the motherboard and chipset what is possible in regards to clock and divider ratios. You can run the memory faster than the CPU. Doesn't mean you should only get 1066 either, but having that extra speed like 1600 can be handy if you choose to overclock. As for what you should get, I would get the DDR3 1600 Triple Channel RAM and manually set the ram spd multiplier in the bios.

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