Installing new graphics card Driver question

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im going to be buying a 5770 soon and currently have a 2600XT, great card but its old and worn now :P

my question is before i physically remove the 2600xt and install the 5770 should i uninstall the 2600 drivers? or just install the 5770 and download the 5770 drivers without doing anything to the previous graphics drivers?

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When upgrading to a new video card, always uninstall the previous drivers before installing the card and installing the new drivers.

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yes, you should always delete and remove the old drivers from the computer b4 poping in the new GPU.
after pluging in the new GPU, install the drivers from the CD that came with it and then go online and install all newer drivers.

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Both guys above are right except if like me you do not have integrated graphics-If you delte your drivers things can get messy-Personaly to save the hassle I just install new ones then delete old and clean regristry-Quite frankly it makes no difference

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