i5 or i7, GPU doubt...

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Hello, Its my first time here on Forums

And i have some questions about my future desktop computer, here goes

I will use for gaming, image/video editing, web design/develop, and internet, but im pretty confused with these new Intel Processors (i3,i5,i7), I would like to know if the i5 is like a Quad Core or better and whats the difference to i7 (I saw Intel website, but i didn`t get well) so...

I also have a question about the GPU Nvidia G310, i want to know if this GPU is between any models from Nvidia/ATI, something like that:

G210 < G310 < GTX 275 or HD5470 < G310 < HD 5850

Thats it

I really apreciate your help, thank you!!!




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For gaming, video editing, and CPU intensive tasks like that, an i7 would be a good choice.

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Socket 1366 (i7) and 1156 (i5 & i3) are scheduled for only another year of production. 1155 will takes it;s place. Video Editing will be fine with an i7. For gaming the 5850 will make an excellent choice.

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1155 is replacing the i5 in Q3 2011-more than one year

2xxx-I forget numbers- Is replacing i7

Still got 1.5 years left with hexacores planned for the i7 socket


i7 is definitely the way to go-It packs more punch than an i5 for not too much more $

i5 is a quad core but it does not have hyper threading or tri-channel ram so for serious video work the i7 wins


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