I want to buy a DEGEE laptop

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I am looking for a laptop recently. And my sister suggests me one DEGEE laptop, following is the configuration:

Model I6B11N2
Operating System Windows XP (Vista, Win 2000, Linus optional)
CPU Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz
Chipset Intel 945GSE+ICH7-M
Graphics Processor Intel GMA 950
Display 10.2 Inch TFT 1024*600 Wide-screen
Dimension (L*W*H) 260mm*180mm*30mm
Weight 1.2kg
I/O Connectors 2*USB2.0
1*4-in-1 Slot (SD/MS/MMC/MS-PRO)
1* interface for screen

Memory 1GB DDR2
Max Memory 2GB
Hard Drive 160GB SATA
Max Storage 320GB
Wireless Protocol 802.11 b/g
Ethernet 10/100M
AC Adapter Input 100-240v/50-60MHz.7A
Output 19V 3.5A 65W
Battery 3 Li-ion 2200MA 10.8V/30W
Working Time About 1.5 Hours
Others Features
Camera 1.3M pixels
Accessories Ac adapter, Power Cable, User's Manual, Battery

Is this laptop worth buying? Can someone help me…?

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First of all it's a netbook you are describing. They perform way less than a real laptop but are nice for internet browsing and light everyday pc use. It's also an older one since it has the N270 CPU. Newer netbooks have much better CPUs like N450 or dualcore CPUs N550 and D525.

The 3 cell battery is BAD! 1.5 hours working time is horrible ! How can they ever sell that as a laptop (or netbook) ??

The graphics aren't good either, but that's expected with netbooks, however Nvidia's ION chipset is quite good for a netbook. Get one with an ION2 chipset if you're looking for graphical performance. This netbook you have right here will even struggle with youtube HD videos.

This thing would only be worth buying if it's dirt cheap, and you don't mind that it's the weakest netbook out there and that you can't use it without the power cable.