I want to become a pc gamer

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I would like to get into pc gaming but currently don't have the money for a new rig or a current "gaming" rig to work with.

I have $450 - $550 to make upgrades and don't want to hit bottlenecks. I don't know what to upgrade. I have a 19" monitor with a resolution of 1440 x 900 and want to be able to play games like skyrim, fallout, call of duty, battlefield, and metro 2033 on at least medium settings. If you guys believe I should upgrade now please give advice, or I could wait till around November and I could maybe have about $900 but I would like to start asap.

My Current Rig is

Cheap Foxconn Mobo with 760G AMD AM2+ mATX
am2+ phenom x4 9150e 1.8ghz
6gb ddr2 800 ram
small oem case
integrated hd 3200 graphics
cheap 300w psu
640gb 3.5" HDD
120gb 2.5" hdd

Its a Gateway DX4200-09 for any other specifics just ask and I will try to give'em

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You can buy a relativly good new pc for 500$.

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Save up some more money and buy yourself a new computer.

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Hello there and welcome! It's always good to see new people interesting in PC gaming :)

Now, just getting to gaming, you can already buy a pretty decent bundle (do it yourself) type build.

For a 19" resolution, something like a AMD 6850/Nvidia GTX 550ti is more than enough power to game all the latest games just fine, these cost anywhere from 100-140.

For now, I'd go with a nice foundation to get you started. Then over the next couple years, you can upgrade as you see fit.

Hard drive prices are expensive at the moment, so re-use your hard drives if there's nothing wrong with them. It will significantly reduce your system cost and then you can spend more on actual upgrades.

Here I have parted out a i3-2120 system for 477 (430 or so if you do the mail in rebates). You're going to be re-using your case, hard drives and DVD drives.

i3-2120 3.33ghz (great bang for buck gaming CPU)
8GB DDR3 1600Mhz memory
AMD 6850 1GB video card
GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 motherboard (pretty full featured for price, lots of upgrade potential)
Seasonic 530watt Powersupply

You can see the items here:


Later on this year when you get more cash, you can sell off the dual core and upgrade to a quad core (i5/i7), buy a new case, dvd drive and hard drive. As for now, you'll be able to play all the games you listed just fine with this setup, likely on high/ultra settings at that resolution. If your case isn't big enough to house these components, you could always go to a local computer store and ask if they have any beat up cases sitting around, maybe your friends even have an old mid tower ATX case? You can get a decent new case online for roughly 40 bucks, I was simply trying to recycle as much hardware as I could to maximize your upgrade potential.

Alternatively, you could go with an AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE (or similar) and an AM3+ board, which will hold you over for quite some time (you could also overclock it a bit), it will also give you plenty of upgrade options such as the Phenom II x6's and Bulldozer FX series CPU's if you ever wanted to do so in the future. The price would roughly still be about the same as the above build.

However, the 1155 socket sandy/ivy bridge CPU's are quite a margin better in gaming than AMD's lineup currently which is why I initially suggested the i3 dual core build, as it would give you roughly the same gaming performance as the Phenom II x4 965. However, If you were to upgrade the i3 to an i5-2500k, it's pretty much no contest gaming wise for AMD against intels latest quad cores.

Anyways, that's the short of it and hopefully you'll find some useful information in here....some where.


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Thank you so much im going to do what you said. Thanks, you really went in depth on everything.

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i would buy a pc from say hp make sure it has a good cpu then up grade the video card

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