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Your task is to create a gaming computer with the best price/performance hardware. (Minus the mouse, keyboard and monitor). You can do whatever you like as long as it sticks to the rules. Also, you have no budget restrictions but that doesn't mean you can just select everything with the highest price.

Here are the rules:

- It MUST be able to play MODERN games at DECENT frame rates but it doesn't have to be at ultra settings.

- It MUST have balanced PRICE/PERFORMANCE.

That's it!!! Those are the only two rules you have to follow. I look forward to your ideas.

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If you don't wan't to overclock:
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-3770K Processor(8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz)
Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 670/680
Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH P67
CPU cooler: Noctua NHu12P
Hard drives: Intel SSD for OS and Western digital caviar black for storage
Ram: CORSAIR 8GB or 16GB kit (2 or 4 X 4GB )9-9-9-24
case? Obsidian 800d or Cosmos II
fans? Noctua Nf-P12 and/or Nf-P14 (120 and 140mm)
Powersupply: Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold M 1000W
OS: Win 7 ultimate x64

If you want to overclock, change the CPU to another cheaper like a i7 2600k and change the ratio to 50 to have 5Ghz (i already see 5.6Ghz stable on air cooling so they're beast)

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CPU: i7 3770k
Motherboard: p8z77 deluxe
RAM: 8 gb corsair vengeance
GPU: gtx 670
SSD: 120 gb ocz vertex 4
HDD: 1tb wd black
PSU: tx 750w
CASE: 500R/650D/CM 690 II

Asus P8P67 Deluxe : i7 2600k : Corsair Vengeance 8 GB 1600
Asus GTX 560 Direct Cu II OC : Corsair H100
Kingston Hyper X 3K 120 GB : WD Caviar Black 1 TB : Windows 7 Home Premium
OCZ ZT 750W PSU : CM 690 II

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For a good advice, you got to be more specific or restrictive!

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As you are specifying gaming as the only use you will put this computer I will tailor a gaming build (no benchie busting, server grunt work or office productivity - games only).

CPU : Best grunt for the buck (overclocker) Intel I7-2600K (cheaper than the i7-2700K and can be had for a great price, VERY overclockable) (non-overclocker) Intel I7-3770K (these will overclock, but they get ridiculously hot when you do. Beware!). Unfortunately the AMD chips while way cheaper, can't come close to these in performance.

Motherboard: This is a gaming rig so you want the best SLI/CrossFire capability for future expansion. Find something that has all PCIe slots and supports X16 on at least 2 of those while spacing them apart by at least 3 slots so the video cards can breathe. There are a lot of high-end boards out there but the high-end stuff is high priced for what you get. You don't need wireless or bluetooth. You do not need to connect a dozen SSD, HDD or optical drives. You do want to be able to install at least 2 drives though on 2x SATA3 ports. Any Z77 motherboard will give you that. So what mobos meet this criteria?

ASRock Z77 Extreme6
Asus P8Z77-V Pro
Biostar TZ77XE4
ECS Golden Z77H2-A2X
Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77

If you want to cart your PC around, you might want to think about any of the mATX boards out there. Uf yo go this route, I would suggest nothing except an Asus Maximus V Gene as it is geared to the gamer from the get-go. It does everything on my hitlist up there and fits into a smaller mATX case to boot.

All of these can be had for a decent price and all of them will suit the mid-high end gamer just fine. All are over clockable if you swing that way and all of them support your choice of SLI or crossfire if you later on want to expand.

Memory : Memory is cheap. So cheap that I loaded my own system with 64GB of the stuff (Why? Because I could!!). There is some really good Corsair Vengeance memory available for a really good price. I would jump on about 8-16GB of that.

HDD: Mass storage is where you keep your games. It won't make much difference in gameplay, but fast HDD/SDD will make cutscene & chapter loading a lot faster. Any good 7200RPM drive will do. I would recommend a WD Black 2.0TB drive for the game drive. For the boot drive a 128GB SDD and nothing else baby! Oh you can get a 256GB one if you want, but 128GB should be enough for a windows disk. You only really need the two drives unless you really load them up with games. If you so, get another WD Black 2TB.

Video: There are 2 camps for video. AMD and Nvidia. Personally even though I work just down the street from the AMD Canadian Headquarters, I have no favorite between them. I am currently using an ATI HD7950 and loving it in my games. Any game I play can run maxxed out and playability is just fine. It is not the top end video card from AMD/ATi, but it is a couple hundred $ cheaper and runs almost as good as their top single GPU card. Plus it leave that Crossfire slot open if I one day want to pop another in there beside it (at present I feel no overpowering need to do so). I am certain the competing card from Nvida (GTX 670) will give you just as good of a subject gaming experience. Video maker is really a personal preference. You dfon't need to go for the top card to get a really good gaming solution.

Case : You don't need a huge case for a game box. I use a CM HAF XM mostly because I stuff watercooling and a bunch of other stuff in it. My rig is not just a gaming box. For a gaming box look over some for the Micro ATX (if you want to go the portable route) solutions out there. For a stand -alone box I would certainly give the CM HAF XM my thumbs up. I love it. Your choice should feature:

* room for 2-3 hard drives (or 2 & 1/2 if you use an SSD boot drive
* Room for a decent sized cooler. You don't want a small, whiney cooler on your CPU do you? That means a pretty big cooler though if you are not overclocking the stock cooler works fine.
* Minimum 120mm fan at the front, side and rear of the case. The bigger the fans, they quieter they seem.
* motherboard tray if you can find it. Sadly these are a dying breed. If you can get that, jump on it as it makes building a system a WHOLE lot easier!

Cooler: If you are not overclocking, you don't need a huge cooler. You can get by with the stock fan. If you chip didn't come with a fan, get a cooler that has at least a 120mm fan. I would suggest avoiding the 'tower coolers unless you are overclocking. There are a few really good downward-blowing (fan parallel to the motherboard) coolers. I prefer those because the 'backwash' from the CPU fan keeps things like your memory, video card and voltage regulation circuits cool right along with cooling your CPU. Tower fans or water cooling doesn't do that. Just something to keep in mind.

What I have given you here will build you a really nice gaming system without breaking the bank. The list will not build the most fire breathing system, but it will net you a very, very good gaming system without breaking your bank account. I've given you a few options that will let you scrimp here and splurge there to tailor this, but as a whole this should do you well in building your gaming rig. I don't believe in writing concrete 'do this' and 'buy that' advice. I much prefer to instead point you in the right direction.

Quite a wall-o-text huh? Good luck.


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