How To Build Your RIG

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I have a question can some one help me go ova the steps to build ur rig from step one to the instalation please i need help tyvm ppl

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Rodney has some "Building a Kickass Gaming Rig" videos. Check em out.

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lol-that would honestly take me an hour-go check rods video out and others on youtube-it really is not that hard!

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helped me out a bit. It's not detailed but all the key steps are envolved.

or you can just google it or search youtube there is a couple of good vids out there.

lol building your rig isn't hard. if i can do it any one can :D


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dude its just high tech expensive legos.
Everything is made to fit, if you just check for compatability before buying.
I finished my rig with just a few youtube vid's in mind, and the manual if i was in doubt.

My advise would be checking every component before buying, and doing just a little bit of research before building. Ask the manual if you need help while building.