HIS, Sapphire or XFX

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Hey all.

I'm about to get myself a ATi 5850 and need some advice on which Manufacturer i should go with.

Is HIS the main maker of ATi cards like eVGA is with Nvidia?

I just want to know which is more skilled and more in touch with ATi/AMD


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It doesn't matter who makes the cards (well, kinda), but it's more along the lines fo who has the best warranty.
XFX has the best warranty on their cards, I would go with them.

PS: If you find a good price for one, let me know, I'm looking at the 5850 also.

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Look for a good waranty, price and bundle.
These specific card is the same with all manufactures. If you compare them there is about 1 FPS more or less of a difference.

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i say XFX for their warranty, but Sapphire has the 5850 Vapour X which is a good non-reference cooler. Id go with XFX anyway.

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Had good experiences with em both but XFX generally is less hassle when you need to RMA something.

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