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Hey Rodney, i have a Self Built Gaming computer, its now 5 years old and it had been used for only 2 years, once i started it back up it kept crashing, then a BSOD came up and said Memory Management... when ever i stick in 4GB DDR2 (Max. 8GB 800MHz) it keeps crashing (the ram i have is 1066MHz)
can you please tell me the problem?

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Use a good, not broken PC and download the Ultimate Boot CD:

Go to this link:
Or use the Bittorrent downloader:

After the download is finished, burn Ultimate Boot CD to a disc.

Take the burned CD to the system having the issue. Place it in the CD/DVD ROM tray, and boot from it. Select "Memory" from the main menu, then "Memtest86+" (preferred) or "Windows Memory Diagnostic". Both operate very similarly in the testing method and will show faults. If the DDR2 memory you are using shows faults, it is either bad, or the memory circuit on your motherboard (or processor on newer CPUs) has failed. Try a new or confirmed DDR2 module and run the test again, and if it passes then you know your memory DIMM has failed.

BTW, UBCD is a combination of freeware and open source software, and is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL to download anywhere, even by Bittorrent.

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