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OK I have started a new build and already bought the In Win Dragon Rider case. I want to set it all up with cold cathodes and led fans. I want to make the cold cathodes sounds active.

I have found this controller panel I really like.

Here is the sounds actived module Im thinking about unless these is somthing better.

What I want to know is can I go from the PSU to the conroller panel to the Sound Module to the Cold cathodes and skip the inverter module the cold cathodes come with? I dont want to try to hide 6 little boxes all over in my case.

Also if this will not work is there another controller panel that will work I would like to have at least 3 switches for different sets of cold cathodes.


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Edit: I didn't read your question right ;)

I Think you need to use the inverter boxes. But you can buy inverters that can hold more than one cold cathode.

8 channel inverter

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No, inverter box converts DC to AV to power cold cathodes:

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