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hello, my ram seems to have some sort of vorus on it, how do i get rid of it?

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Technically a virus cannot infect ram since ram is cleared every time a computer is shut down, but how ever a virus can infect the ram when ever it runs which boggs down the computer.

The best way is to run the computer in safe mode and run a virus scan so you can find and remove the virus.
When booting press and hold the F8 Key and that will bring you to the advanced options for windows and choose safe mode, when in safe mode try and run your antivirus, most of them run in safe mode. Let it run its scan and cleaning and then reboot.

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hellblazer55 is right. RAM is volatile meaning when power is not supplied to it, the data is cleared.

Running in safe mode is your best bet for being able to run security scans with less risk of reinfection.

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lol why do you think its the ram anyway? A screen shot or a description might also help us understand your problem.

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You're RAM isn't infected, but your system might be. Remember, to have an excellent Internet Security Package installed, or at least a decent anti-virus program.

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This post seems kind of trolly to me... indecision


If this is a Virus on your computer hidding inside of the system memory, then what you need is a good anti-virus program.

Start with the free stuff..





If all else fails then ask these people for some free profesional help.



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