Good replacement for 690 2 advanced.

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Need suggestions, I'm planning to buy a new case to replace my 690 2 advanced. Its a great case but I have a couple of beef with it, first is the dust, its meshed so I need to clean it often and second its too tight, I'm thinking of having another graphic card this year, I know it would fit in the case but it would be tight. So to summarize it I want something that doesn't accumulate a lot of dust and I want it to be spacious, if possible also tool-less and has a great air or water cooling potential. For now what I'm looking at is corsair graphite 600T and nzxt phantom. If were talking about looks I like the corsair better but I'm kind of partial to the phantom because of the side fans and fan controller that comes with it, also way cheaper than corsair, I don't like the corsair 800d and CM hafx btw, its too big and heavy for my taste, what do you guys think? Oh if it would be of any help I'm using a i7 950 on an asus p6t atx board.

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I have a soft spot in my heart for the Antec P190 (discontinued)... very heavy though.

Would recommend Antec P183 V3 if you can get past the weight. Also Silverstone TJ09 or TJ10 if you like full towers, Silverstone Raven 2 if you like edge new stuff, Cooler Master HAF series if you want to really get lots of air cooling; so many choices.

I recommend just browesing :)

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Owning the 690 II, a phantom, haf-x and a few other cases.. personally suggesting the phantom... the white one i have has some fragile paint on the areas that the door latches onto the case, so be careful... other than that the cable routing, air flow, and SPACE (tons of it).. installed
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only downside is having to use nzxt fans since their measurements are a little oddball
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pic below if you want to see the 460 layout.

shows PLENTY of room, comes with the 2 huge fans, one on door, one up top, room for another at the top.

will probably end up cannibalizing a nzxt hades for the large fans to increase this and then start modding the beast..

also by far the only case that I have garnered nothing but positive comments from while it was being assembled at work, all by people who usually find computers boring

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I have my eyes set on the Silverstone Raven RV01 for it's looks and quietness... Has some nice features too. I currently own a Cooler Master 690 II Adv as well and I just want to get rid of it xD Too dusty, too small, too hard to clean, and noise escapes from it very easily into my ears... Plus it doesn't look too great.