Get a second card like my first OR save money for one better card?

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I have an Asus P8P67 LE rev. 3.0 motherboard, so I think I can put two graphics cards on it. I have an EVGA GTX 560 TI graphics card. Should I get another one of those or wait for the prices on a different card to come down and save for a different one?

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hmmm you have a 560Ti, i see.
you should get a second one unless the games you play dont run well on SLI.
just make sure ur PSU can handle the load, has the necessary connectors, etc.
and make sure that your pci lanes will run at decent speeds.

i just did a quick reserach at your motherboard
but it only supports crossfirex
(the PRO level boards and better support both)

Andy Han

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How well is the single 560 Ti serving you with games right now and what justification do you have for getting another one? It all depends on what improvements you want to see in game to make the purchase viable.

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As Andy pointed out Your SLI option is out of the question. Your going to have to upgrade your graphics card if its not enough for you.

Unless you want to replace your motherboard and dish out extra for another 560.

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Rodney Reynolds,

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A GTX 560 TI should be more than enough (Alone) to handle pretty much any game out on the market at high settings and at 1920x1080 resolution.

Your motherboard doesn't support SLI, so you'd be forced to go AMD if you'd want to run a dual card configuration. So at this stage, your only option is to upgrade to either a higher end Nvidia card or to purchase an AMD card for future crossfire OR, change out your motherboard to one that supports both SLI and Crossfire that way you'll have more options in the future.

As it stands, I don't see why you'd need more power than a single GTX 560TI, they're fantastic cards.

Personally, I'd wait until the newer Nvidia cards or even the 7870/7850 are released before purchasing anything else as you'd only see minimal increases in performance unless you spent 3-400 dollars on a single card. GTX 560TI and AMD 6950 are in that sweet spot for price/performance, anything more typically has diminishing returns in the price/performance margin and are generally favorable picks for SLI/Crossfire setups.

As for Crossfire/SLI, you could sell off your GTX 560TI and use the money (plus whatever you saved up for another card) and buy 2 AMD 6870's which are amazing in crossfire.

6870 CF VS GTX 580 (6870 CF 300-360, so your actual invest is about 150-180 after you sell your gtx 560ti, vs $ 500 GTX 580 which would be $300 out of pocket invested after selling GTX 560 ti)

You net better performance in most games that fully utlize crossfire, however those that don't fully utilize it (typically older games) you'd be better off getting a single card configuration.

Also as someone mentioned, if you were to SLI a GTX 560ti you'd want at the very least a good quality 650 watt, upwards to a 750 watt, you wouldn't need more than a 750 watt power supply. For AMD 6870 CF you could get away with about 550 watts upwards to 650 watts power supply (taking in account overclocking the cards and CPU)

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