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One of my friends i going to buy a new Laptop to gaming and want max pay 2010 $ for it

He mostly gonna use it to play World of Warcraft, while he talking with friends on Skype and listen to music on Itunes, who he also will use to transfer music to his Ipod

Did look around and found




This 2 laptops both meet his req and even make it posible for him to watch his Blu-ray movies in 1080P.

But is this a good Laptop for gaming or does is there better out there?

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What games does you friend play? WOW is not an intensive game and does not require near the specs of those 2 labtops above. Also is this labtop going to be moved around frequently-if so i7's/i5's will cost you in both weight+battery life.
For $700-800 your friend could get a labtop with an i3 dual core+gtx 310m which would run all new games with settings on medium-low.

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WoW/Skype/iTunes do not require such an expensive laptop. It would really be a waste of money.

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Just as long as you have a laptop with ATI or Nvidia graphics you should be able to play. WOW has been tweaked over the years and will run on a mid-level laptop very well. Get Windows 7 (Not Starter Version), i5 or i7 processor, 4GB Plus Ram. Most laptops don't come with SSD's, but one can be bought and installed for an added performance boost.

If he has the money for the VPCF11S1E/B I see no reason not to buy it. :)

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