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I've been doing a lot of traveling and am interested in a gamin laptop for all those nights in the hotel.

I build my own PCs, but am surely a novice with laptops. Where should I start looking and what pitfalls are out there that I need to be aware of.



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If your looking for a gaming laptop i would say Alienware. They seem to be one of the better companies making gaming laptops plus they are owned by Dell.

If your looking to get something that will last, try and get a Core i5 or i7 processor with a decent nVidia or ATI dedicated graphics card.

Other than that its really up to your personal choice. Just make sure you get something with warranty because more than likely a gaming laptop wont be cheap.

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The most price/performance you can get is with an ASUS i5 labtop with a decent gpu-

Alienware is very overpriced so I would stick to other cheaper brands on the egg

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What games do you play on your laptop?

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 novatech x70 ca pro is pretty good got an i7 ddr3 4gb up to a gtx 280 as standard i think you get a gtx 260

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around $1500 range, it's a kick ass laptop tho