Future Building Of Quiet PC: Gaming, Music Creation, General Purpose

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Hi. Let me just say that I'm not into buying a high-end video card since I'm not going to be doing a lot of high-demanding gaming (I'm talking games that require a Radeon 6770 HD for 1920x1080). I will also note that I'll be planning to buy a future generation of APU+GPU for Hybrid Crossfire configuration. I already my own audio interface so that's not included in the price of the computer that I'm going to be building next year.

With that in mind, here is what I have in mind:

NZXT Whisper Classic Quiet PC Case: $94.95
AMD A8-3850 Llano 2.9GHz APU: $139.99
MSI A75A-G55 FM1 Motherboard: $119.99
CORSAIR XMS3 16GB (4 x 4GB) RAM: $99.99
Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F90GB3-BK 90GB SSD: $149.99
1 SSD for Linux (256MB Boot Partition, 23.75GB Swap, 4GB Root, 12GB /usr, 8GB /usr/src, 1.75GB /opt, 256MB /var/log, and the rest for /home partition)
2x SSD in RAID0 for Windows
Seagate Barracuda Green ST2000DL003 2TB HDD: $79.99
(for storing audio projects, emulated games, music, video, and many others)
XFX HD-667X-ZHF3 Radeon HD 6670 1GB Video Card: $83.99
(This is for pairing with A8-3850.)
SeaSonic X series SS-400FL 400W PSU: $114.99
ZEROtherm ZT-10D Premium Heatsink: $59.99
Noctua NF-S12B ULN Quiet PC Fan: $19.75 x2

I already have a Blu-Ray drive, my mouse/keyboard, and a monitor (50"), so no worries. As a casual gamer for PC (I'm a heavy gamer for consoles, especially emulated games, and I play JRPG games), 1280x720 would suffice, but I love to play games at 1920x1080, regardless of the amount of graphics quality, but I don't care for anti-aliasing that much since I used to play games that are emulated at 720x480 or less -- probably JRPG games for GameBoy Advance. :) Yeah, I'm contradicting myself, but like I said, even with 1920x1080, I can live with a lot of jaggies, even with realistically-looking lakes and trees. :)

It may not hurt to mention all the parts that I might plan to buy, since the question that I might ask is "why mention the parts that you're planning to buy next year if there will be next generation APUs and GPUs coming out next year," I do want to know your opinion about the parts just as I am planning to buy the ones a few months from now, but then that may not be the case.

The reason why I say this is I'll be living in the dorm for four months except the Christmas break since my classes will start around November and I did a vocational evaluation a few months ago, which then I passed my hygene test (not many people with visual impairment cleaned themselves properly, but no offense to anyone) and I scored the math test so high up and they recommend I start owning my own business in restocking snacks in vending machines and owning a snack bar as there are shortage of them in Florida, which my mom told me. However, I don't have the links to the source as I once visited a counselor from Daytona Beach while at Department of Education's cafeteria last week and told my mom about that.

So anyway, for those who are curious about the 16GB of memory, it's used to hold audio samples (grand piano, orchestrated instruments, realistic-sounding acoustic guitar, anything that you can come up with in terms of how realistic an instrument can sound as opposed to synthetically-sounding musical instruments or any instruments that are geared for small file size. Every nuances of the instruments' musical notes are very important if a musical instrument needs to sound very realistic. :) Also, not swapping the data to hard disk or solid state drive is important since I want to get the most out of performance out of my next computer.

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