Full Tower Case, which one?

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Cian McIntyre
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I'm planning on buying a full tower case soon. It'll just be used for air cooling for now but hopefully in the future I will upgrade to watercooling. At the moment I have a list of

Coolermaster HAF 932

Coolermaster HAF X

Antec 1200

but I would be open to others around the same price point.

I'm not sure which one is the best option though as they all got great reviews here. Cable management is a big deal, removable mainboard tray isn't. I only plan on having a DVD drive, one 3.5" HDD and a 2.5" SSD.

Please help me out here!

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I'm not that great for giving you an advice when it comes to water cooling, but since you'll be sticking with air cooling for now, HAF X looks to be the best case you can get; however, HAF X is the expensive of the two other cases you mentioned.

With an Antec 1200, it looks like you can mount a radiator in the back of the case. If you do a search for Swiftech MCR220-QP in NewEgg.com, maybe you could hook this up in the back of the computer case, but again, I don't know how this gets installed in an Antec 1200.

I hope I can be of help.

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I would go with the Antec 1200... It's all black, all setup for cable management, has port holes in the back for your radiator and two 120mm fans to mount your radiator up to. Not many have 2x120mm in the back. Some have them at the top but you usually run into clearance issues with the motherboard or expansion cards, etc. Newegg has the 1200 for $135 right now... ;)

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Dont go for HAF 932, if you are concerned about dust inside of your case. It doesnt come with dust filters.

Personally I'd go for new HAF X, but really you cant go wrong with antec either. It is more of personal prefference, looks and such.

I own ATCS 840 case, which i can only recommend as well.

Cian McIntyre
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Grr, no multiquoting :p

Thanks for all the responses. I've been lurking on some forums and it looks like the HAF X is the way to go. It is more expensive than the Antec but it seems like it's easier to install watercooling on and it's also much newer which is kind of cool. The black interior, port holes and cable management are all in the HAF X too which is great and I probably wouldn't have gone with it otherwise. Can't buy from Newegg though, they won't ship to Ireland xD

Now I just need to find a good LGA 775 cooler. Any suggestions on one that would match the system?

Would appreciate advice on a ~60GB SSD too.

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Scythe Mugen 2 is a good cooler, I would go for it. For the SSD I would go with a Kingston SSDNow V series, they are cheap and supports all the new technologies like TRIM.

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The HAF-X has very good air flow, a large area for cable management, and overall, looks really cool, If you don't really care about price, you should get that.

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Well I own a ATCS 840 and I can only give it thumbs up.

Good airflow and lots of room.

Only have one issue is that the 24V cable from the PSU just barely reaches up to the motherboard but the length differs between PSU units.

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i would have to say the antec 1200 myself as all the intake fans have filters, their speed is adjustable and as rodney explains in this vid  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UWob9KyaB4 it is better to have more intake fans than exhaust so you dont run the risk of drawing in air from unfiltered ventilation, cleaning out filters takes 10-20 mins but cleaning out an entire case of dust can take ages especially since it gets everywhere it is a pain in the butt

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Depends on how much money you want to spend. For the money the Cooler Master 932 is the better deal. It's also cheaper than the Antec 1200. If Money does not matter than I'd probably go with a Lian Li or a SilverStone.

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