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Does anyone know how to format an internal hard drive that is seperated from its original rig (ie. if someone just hands you a 3.5" HDD and asks you to format it)? Would I have to plug it directly into a SATA slot on the motherboard or is there a better way to do this? Could I get an eSATA adapter and just plug it into the front of my case and treat it as an external hard drive?


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yes you could put it in a Sata hardrive Dock or case and plug it in your pc with usb and format to what ever format you want

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Another option would be to open the case and just plug it up the same way your own primary HDD is plugged up. With a Sata cable and power cable. This is assuming you have spares. Though, if you do, it would cost nothing. Whereas a dock might unless you found one you could borrow. It's the exact same process beyond that.

Go to Computer, Right click the drive (probably letter D:, E:, or F:), click "Format..." then select all the settings and format. :)