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... is proving to be a massive pain. Not sure if I simply expect too much, if so I need to figure out what I am willing to give up. I am legally blind with Cerebral Palsy and have my room set up in such a way that I have my keyboard on a small table in front of my 37" TV with my mouse resting on top of the case that my current PC is in.

The new PC that I am getting is going to be for Final Fantasy XIV and I am either getting a 5850 or a 5870 video card to make sure the game plays well.

I need a case that:

-- Has USB ports and audio / mic ports on the front: I have broken USB areas on my last case from not seeing where I was trying to insert my stuff.

-- Must fit 5850 / 5870 graphics card

-- Must have a flat top so that I can set my mouse there.

-- Must have a power button that is not somewhere I might accidentally hit it

It would be NICE if the case...

-- Was ready to have an SSD put in. I have heard you can get something to take care of this so I suppose that is not manditory.

-- Be high enough that I am not going to be killing my wrist using the mouse (I have books beneath my mouse with my current case but I doubt that is doing my PC any favors.)

-- I would possibly like to make this my first PC to have LEDs. I would prefer some way to turn them on / off

-- I would prefer a case with a bottom mounted power supply

-- If it has a window then I would prefer it have a black interior. I am not too fussy over whether it has a window or not, however.

Cases I Have Considered:

Antec 300: Not sure if my card(s) of choice would fit in here. Provided my research about getting something switched to take an SSD is true this could be a decent option.

Cooler Master 430 Elite: Inexpensive, has room, but would probably need more fans added and would need to have the SSD option added (I think?)

Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black: Much more expensive then the above cases but has more bells and whistles in return. My biggest concern with this case would be whether it would be a waste of my money due to how I plan to use it. I would be destroying its airflow from what a user at another forum pointed out.

I'm planning to get my computer built at so I am *trying* to choose something that they carry to make this as hassle free as possible. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Coolermaster HAF-X

or the Corsair Obsidian 800 (with a window) or 700 (solid side panel)