Dual GeForce GTX 580 vs Single GeForce GTX 590

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Figured I'd drop a quick question about a computer I recently built.. I decided to get two GeForce GTX 580s..

I recently mentioned this to a friend and he had a couple comments. His first was that my decision was ridiculous, saying that I don't need two 580s.. The next was basically commenting that I could get the same performance out of a single GTX 590, as it has two GPUs on board..

The 590 really has two GPUS?? Well, what I'm really curious about now is if there are significant performance gains to a SLI config (in two 16x PCIe slots) or a single (one 16x PCIe) config.

I'm really not sure which would be faster, or, well, if there really is no difference..

Just curious! Thanks for your time and insight..

- Dan

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Two 580s would be faster but the 590 is better for the money. I would go with the single 590 if you don't already own a 580.

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Gonna go ahead and echo ;)

2 GTX 580's would be faster but consume more power and would cost more. Single GTX 590 would be cheaper and use less power than than 2 x GTX 580's but would have slightly less performance. Think of GTX 590 like a GTX 580 and a half, the GTX 590's would be about in the middle of using a Single GTX 580 vs SLI GTX 580...So basically if you had to put it on a scale, it would be a GTX 580.5(-/+) depending how optimized the drivers were for said game, if that makes sense.

However, if I recall correctly, the GTX 590's have been discontinued.

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