Dual-Channel DDR3 RAM Recomendations?

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Silent Gary
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Hi, I am building a computer, I have everything I want to buy, besides the RAM. I am not sure on what I should get, I am kinda tight on money, however, I can go up to 120$ on a 2X2GB DDR3 kit.
My specifications are:

-EVGA p55 LE motherboard
-Intel Core i5 750 CPU
-Western Digital 7200RPM 500GB
-Nvidia GTX 300/400 or the GT300

I do plan on overclocking, but not hardcore, probably something really really minor. I don't want RAM that I will have to play 20-30$ more just because it is "better" at overclocking. Thanks guys.

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Well if you want to spend around $15 more, I would recommend that you get these because according to the specs on your motherboard you should be able to run 2000mhz ram:


However, this would be ideal, because the timings are a little better (a lot more expensive though):


There's also a similar ram kit to the G-Skill Ripjaws that are $120 but they're from ADATA (I've never heard of them before):


If you're really strict on your price range, though, you should probably go with this (1600mhz ram):


Dj Neta
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go for anything that has:
1600MHz or higher
8-8-8-24 or lower
1.65v or lower!
at least 4GBs of RAM!!!

companys to check out:
Crucial, Corsair, G.skill, Mushkin, Patriot, maybe OCZ.

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Silent Gary
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Thank you Vortex88 so much, this helped out a lot, I think i am going to go with the Corsair XMS3 recommendation you gave me. However, i would like to ask what your take on their timings are.