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 I would like to build a computer just for downloading 24/7 and i want it to be as energy efficient and quiet as possible what setup would you recommend (hardware and OS wise)?

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for OS i would recommend windows 7, just because i think its great and it wouldnt really matter in this case. Also get as many components with passive cooling as possible, only problem there will be the CPU, if you are gonna passively cool a CPU you need case fans, and they make noise...


Onboard GPU seems fine for your needs, so either something like an i5 dual core bundled with a H55 motherboard to get that onboard video, or maybe some AMD cpu with an AMD mobo with onboard aswell.


Im not into hard drives, but i hear the western digital caviar green's save some energy, and they come in big capacities.

Oh, and also a low noise PSU. my 700 w cooler master silent pro is SILENT! but those start at 5 - 600 watts, wich is overkill for your rig.

mATX would also bee nice, so you do not need a huge tower in your room.


God that was a long reply!

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Mini ATX or micro ATX would be nice, most of them have a dvi or hdmi outport on the motherboard itself so you wouldn't need an extra video card.

Get a case with it that allready has a power supply, around 250 or 300 watt is fine. Then install a slim dvd burner and a 1TB drive, that would be enough. RAM speed does not really matter but be sure it fits on the motherboard and you have atleast 2GB of memory.

The only problem with this kind of setup is the lack of room for more then one hard drive but that is up to you. A setup like this would cost you about €350,- or 400 dollars.

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Get Cooler Master ATCS 840 Full-
Tower Case.

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Is this what you're looking for, nettop? This type of nettop is fanless.

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check asus' eeebox in their site ;)

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Maybe the Dell Inspiron Zino HD i something you like.

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You could buy one of these barebone mini systems from Newegg:

They are small and energy efficient due to the Intel Atom processor they have in them.

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Check out any of these options:

Benifit is that they already come with the windows license, they are Atom powered which paired with 7 is very energy efficient. You can then store via NAS, Shared Folders, etc... You could even remote desktop or VNC into the unit and have it in a closet somewhere or other hidden place!

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my dads is also looking for a downloading PC he is just going to get a netbook with a atom processor they have really long batteries life

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You wussies and your pre-built machines!

Are you planning on using this rig for anything other than downloading? Will it be hooked up to your network?

Netbooks are pointless for serious downloading. When you run out of space, you are forced to buy 2.5" drives that are small, expensive, and a real tough PITA keep switching the drives in the laptop. You could go with external drives if you need more space, but that isn't really a solid solution in the long run.