Do I need to ground an anti static mat in order to use it?

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I bought an anti static mat to store my motherboard while I wait for my corsair obsidian 800d case to come in.  Can I just lay the mobo right on the mat without connecting it to a grounded metal, or do I absolutely have to ground it?  Will the ungrounded vinyl mat cause any problems?  Thanks.  Also, I accidently got some drops of water on the mat, but not any of the components.  I dried the mat immediately, but will this cause any problems?  The mat was never plugged in to anything such as an AC outlet or anything.   

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Throw the matt out or sell on ebay. Anti-static bags are 99% proganda. Just touch something grounded before you build the computer. Also do not rub your feet on a shag carpet for 30 minutes then touch the contact on a computer part. I know-SHOCKING!@

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