The difference between HDMI and native-HDMI

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So I am soon buying a new computer and I need for it to have an HDMI outlet, since I am buying a TV for films, internet browsing and other stuff. I have seen native-HDMI and HDMI. I found an explanation for this but it is kind of questionable. It was: "The difference between HDMI and native-HDMI is that the native-HDMI got abilities for a convertion to other inputs". This I found as an odd difference, so what I am asking of oyu now is: What is the difference between HDMI and native-HDMI?

Thank you in advance.

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The term native generally refers to builtin versus using an adapter for a DVI outlet and converting to HDMI. Native HDMI just means that HDMI is built in to your computer. Your computer needs to have a graphics card that has HDMI built into it such as many of the AMD Radeon HD5000 and HD6000 series video cards. I am less familiar with the Nvidia card line. Not all Nvidia cards have HDMI built in. You need to be looking at computers with higher end grahpids cards or a computer that has been built with the new Intel H61 chipset motherboards paired with a Sandybridge processor.

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Barbara is correct. As far as HDMI cables are concerned, I believe the majority of Nvidia cards have mini-HDMI ports, which just would mean that you would have to purchase a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable. Bear in mind that HDMI cables only support resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200. If you need a higher resolution than that at any point, a dual-DVI cable is what you will need.