Dead CPU?

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So I finally decided to upgrade a couple components of my computer, being the motherboard, cpu, cooler, and ram. I put all the components into my setup, and turned it on, but it will not boot. All the fans and what I think is the hdd will come on and stay on for a few seconds, then everything will shut off for a few seconds, and then everything will start up again, etc etc etc, this cycle repeats for as long as I allow it to. When it does come on the cpu led for my motherboard comes on, which leads me to believe it is a cpu issue, but is the cpu dead or is there some sort of cooling issue perhaps? Also I do not hear any beeps when the computer starts.

CPU: Intel i5 760
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D

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Check the CPU connector from the PSU and make sure it's plugged into the motherboard. It could also be a bad motherboard or PSU, but I'm not sure. That doesn't seem like the symptoms of a bad PSU that I'm used to. Usually it just shuts off abruptly if that happens instead of it starting and stopping repeatedly.

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