Crossfire X trouble with 5850

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I recently bought and installed an additional ASUS 5850 to crossfire it with my existing ASUS 5850 but I've been having issues. The setup work in benchmark after a re-install of windows but by the time I have a few games downloaded the GPU that isn't plugged into my TV (tested it both ways) will not be utilized more than 11% while the other is at 99% Both cards are based on the AMD reference design, although the first card I bought shipped with non-standard clocks/voltages as seen in the image below. Those setting at what CCC considers to be default. CCC also says crossfire is enabled.

I have tried disabling ULPS in regedit to no avail. I have used 12.10 catalyst with 12.11 cap as well as 12.11 beta catalyst with 12.11 cap. Currently I'm using two crossfire bridges but I have also tried using just one. I have tried swapping the cards around in the slots but nothing changed.

My system is as follows.

Gigabyte UD7 890FX AM3
AMD 1090T stock
8GB G.Skill Eco RAM
Coolermaster 1000w powersupply
3x WD RE3 250GB drives in RAID 0
2x ASUS 5850 1GB 'stock'

Thanks in advance.

Edit: my OS is Windows 7 64bit

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I solved the problem, it was caused by the most odd thing I can imagine. After installing windows I increased the icon size via the "appearance and personalization" menu which somehow made it impossible for crossfire to work.

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oh, I was about to suggest making sure you have the latest version of CCC running.. and say that crossfire doesn't work on all games. It only works on games that use a specific profile to run dual GPU's.

But you figured it out already. Yea, I've have had my own issues with crossfire. I found my system becomes unstable if crossfire is disabled.

nice system. I also have a 1090t. :D

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Changing the size of the system icons would have nothing to do with the way crossfire is implemented in Windows.

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