Corsair H60 wattercooling oppinions

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Hey guys i recently OC my i7 920 to 3.6 but the temps are 61 ºc on full load and 40 41 on iddle but i have it on aircooling (Thermalright 120 ultra ) and im going to buy the H60 (its the only one that i can afford) and im going to OC the processor to 4.0 Ghz is that corsair H60 good enaugh to keep the temps below 60ºC ? or at least to keep the temps a 3.6 Ghz cooler than 60 ºc on full load?

Tks in advance


Rui Ponte

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Which fans did you mount on the cooler? 1 or 2? Or do you use it as a passive solution?
With a propper fan (or better two fans) mounted, decent air-flow inside the case and with a good thermal compound (thermal grease/paste) the Ultra 120 should be more than sufficient...

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u can get a Noctua cooler, they are awesome.

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Yea, that should do the trick, but I would add another 120mm fan to it.

Rodney Reynolds,

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iv just added the secon 120 mm fan on it and the temps drop even lower (8 ºc below such on idle and full load) tks for the tip Rodney

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I would suggest getting some Cougar vortex fans, They are making All the difference to me now, and they are Dead silent, you can hear your ALC over them, but they push so much air!